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Building a better and brighter future through innovative mental wellbeing therapies

It started with the passion for changing people's lives and improving mental wellbeing for everyone through the use, research, and development of safe and effective psychedelic therapies.

Meet Our Team


Robert Wallace

Founder and CEO

Robert Wallace is a serial entrepreneur and avid researcher. He graduated from Arizona State University with degrees in Biology and Molecular Biosciences, and Biotechnology. His passion lies in innovating ways to provide individuals with access to cutting-edge therapies and devices globally.


Dr. Lauro Amezuca-Patino, MD

Medical Director

is a board-certified Psychiatrist who is the Medical Director and President of Metro NBI. Dr. Amezcua-Patino is currently the Medical Director of Oasis Behavioral Health Hospital in Chandler, AZ, and he has over 25 years of clinical and administrative experience in Arizona. Dr. Amezcua-Patino has participated in over 50 clinical trials as a principal investigator. He has also served on various professional organizations and is currently a Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. 


Dr. Chistopher Bojrab, MD

Chief Scientific Officer

 is a board-certified psychiatrist and a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association who treats child, adolescent, adult, and geriatric patients. His areas of interest include psychopharmacology, mood and anxiety disorders, ADHD, sleep disorders, pain syndromes, and gambling addiction.


Dr. Stephen Cohen, MD

Scientific Advisor


Dr. Matthew Crooks, MD

 is a double board-certified, fellowship-trained interventional pain specialist. Delivering the highest quality patient care has been the primary focus of Dr. Crooks throughout his career in medicine. He believes that the best attribute a physician can have is the ability to listen to their patient and to understand the importance of the doctor-patient relationship. This relationship is essential in managing chronic pain, restoring function, and getting back to life.

Director of Pain Programs


Mark Whitehouse

Chief Operating Officer

Digital Health entrepreneur and patient advocate.  A founder of Mindset Medical, a digital health information platform that powers remote patient monitoring with patient-reported outcomes and virtual vitals for a better remote health solution.  Passionate about reaching patients where they are.


Bethann Wagner

Marketing Director

 is a digital marketing strategist. She got her B.S. in Advertising from Northern Arizona University and has worked with tech companies including Google before diving into wellness. Her mission is to help make healing and happiness accessible to everyone. 

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