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Woman psychiatrist with patient at reveriemind

Reverie is at the forefront of researching novel therapies in the mental health space, focusing on psychedelic-based therapeutics.

Special Access Programs and Research

Reverie's team has over 50 years experience in participating and managing proof-of-concept through phase four clinical programs under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidance and regulation. Our vast experience is in the psychiatric drug approval process which has allowed us to fully understand the requirements and needs to participate and manage clinical programs researching psychedelic compounds.


Psychedelic Research

We have designed our clinics and trained our staff specifically on psychedelic compounds and the wave of psychedelic-inspired research and development. Through this program, we can offer individuals who qualify access to novel psychedelic treatment therapies for various mental health indications.

Reverie is constantly working with local governments and regulatory bodies to ensure we comply with all state and federal laws in participating in research with active psychedelic compounds. 

Reverie aims to partner with companies developing new psychedelic or psychedelic-like compounds in the mental health space to further the research on their safety and effectiveness. To learn more about what Reverie can provide, please contact us.

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