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Suboxone Therapy

The standard of care for opioid addiction is to use an effective medication, either buprenorphine, methadone, or naltrexone, to control withdrawal, cravings, and reduce the risk of return to other opioid use (relapse). Behavioral health and social support further improve success rates. 

The combination of buprenorphine and naloxone in a dissolving film or tablet is commonly known by the brand-name, Suboxone, the most well-known FDA-approved medication for the treatment of opioid use disorder.


Benefits of Treatment with Suboxone

When Suboxone is taken as prescribed by a board-certified specialist, the goal of treatment is to ease opioid withdrawals and reduce overall cravings.

Research shows that Suboxone combined with therapy, 75% of patients will still be in recovery one year later. Conversely, studies demonstrate that within one month of stopping buprenorphine treatment, more than 50% of patients relapse to illicit opioid use.


Tracking Your Progress

Reverie uses our INFORMED platform to keep in consistent communication with individuals going through our Suboxone program. INFORMED allows our providers to see how you are doing, and to guide you through your recovery.

INFORMED provides the ability to chat with a care provider as well as schedule telemedicine appointments. 

INFORMED allows the individual to check in each day and that information is seen by the Suboxone provider allowing us to provide the highest level of support and care as you go through your recovery.

How It Works

Initial Call

An initial call with our experienced patient coordinator to learn more about you, your health, you experience with opioid dependecy, and your health and wellness goals.

Consultation Visit

Your first telemedicine visit where our leading Suboxone provider will learn more about you and develop a personalized Suboxone treatment plan.


Once a personalized treatment plan is develped, a prescription will be sent electronically to a pharmacy for pickup.


Your induction visit is in person at one of our offices. During this time, you will take your first dose of Suboxone and we will observe you to ensure you do not expeirence any side effects.

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