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At Reverie Clinics, we provide each patient with a comprehensive approach aimed at addressing your medical needs. Our tailored treatments can include, traditional therapy, medication and counseling, to ketamine based therapies and clinical research opportunities.  

New Options


Ketamine Therapy

Reverie works with world-leading psychiatrists and medical scientists that are developing novel treatment protocols for ketamine based therapies. Ketamine therapy has been extensively studied and shown to improve the mental health space of individuals suffering from a variety of indications. 

Reverie also is progressing the field by developing new types of ketamine therapy options and administrations providing us the ability create individual treatment options that promote better outcomes.

To learn more and book an appointment at one of our clinics, please click below or call us.

Special Access Research Programs on Psychedelics

Clinical Research and Special Access Programs

Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy

It is well known that not all marketed or approved therapies and medications work for any given individual and that a different approach is needed to achieve a positive outcome.

Reverie is proud to be a center in where we promote the research and development of novel psychedelic and psychedelic-like therapies to treat individual conditions. Reverie works with leading companies that are developing novel psychedelic-based therapies, along with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and others, to measure the effectiveness and safety of these new therapies in a variety of mental health indications. 

If you are interested in learning more about our Special Access Programs or partnering with Reverie to conduct your clinical trial, please contact us.

Here For You

Suboxone Therapy for Addiction

At Reverie we belive that everyone should have access to provide therapies to help with addiction. Our Suboxone addiction program uses proven therapies and to help treat the symptoms and underlying cause of addiction. 

We are able to treat individuals aged 13 and up. If you are struggling or know someone who is, we are here to help. To learn more about Suboxone and our program, click below.

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